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What Is A Infrared Home / Building Inspection? <Click on link

Thermal Imaging
Infrared (Thermal Imaging) is an advanced technology that is non-destructive and allows the home Surveyor to see things in your home that appear to be hidden to the naked eye or to conventional inspection methods. 

• Overloaded and undersized circuits
• Circuit breakers in need of immediate replacement
• Missing, damaged and/or wet insulation
• Heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors
• Water and moisture intrusion that could lead to mold
• Possible pest infestation
• Hidden roof leaks before they cause serious damage
• Air-conditioner compressor leaks
• Structural defects
• Broken seals in double-pane windows
• Energy loss and efficiency
• Dangerous flue leaks 
• Damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems
• Unknown plumbing leaks
• Overheated equipment, Radiant Floor Heat
• and More!

We will provide you with:

An agreement before we start that outlines what you can expect from our service.
A full report upon completion. This report will provide you insight on the fitness of the home.  Digital photo's will be taken from different areas of the property during the home Survey and will be included in the report.
All reports are created in electronic format and will be supplied by email for a quick response.  View Sample Report
Your Home Inspection is  a visual inspection of the structure and components condition at the time the inspection was performed.    The inspection is limited to the readily accessible and visible systems, equipment and components of the home.

During my inspection, we will not dismantle or move equipment, systems, furniture, appliances, floor coverings, finished or fastened surfaces or components, personal property or other items to conduct this inspection or otherwise to expose concealed or inaccessible conditions.   

We will not make any repairs, nor will we offer to do the repairs. To do so would be unethical and a conflict of interest. Your inspection will not include destructive testing of any kind. 

A home survey by ICU Thermal Industries LLC
can include:

* Roof                                        * Plumbing

* Electrical                                * Interior

* Bathrooms                              * Kitchen

* Basement/Crawlspace            * Heating

* Cooling                                   * Garage/Carport

* Doors & Windows                  * Attic

* Solar PV Systems                   * Doors & Windows

* Any additional items that are of concern to the homeowner

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ICU Thermal Imaging